We believe that good leaders make strong organizations. Our executive coaches help executive directors, managers and board chairs develop and utilize skills that create organizational growth.

Think of what you could accomplish if you had the undivided attention and focus of an individual whose only agenda is you and your success – however you define that success. Having one or two meetings/month for confidential conversations on a regular basis means you have an accountability partner who cares about the progress you are making toward your goals. Through asking powerful questions, your coach will help you gain clarity on your challenges, so your solutions will be relevant and timely. A coach can help you see opportunities and problems as they present themselves so you can deal with them in real time when you are facing them.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of leadership development you get through Executive Coaching:

  • Increase your organization’s impact and build your team
  • Sharpen skills, knowledge and insights
  • Improve communication
  • Manage time, projects and priorities effectively
  • Navigate change and disruptions
  • Enhance vision and clarify strategies
  • Resolve conflicts and solve problems
  • Increase productivity and accountability
  • Steward relationships with supporters and stakeholders
  • Succeed at higher levels
  • We speak business, but understand the nonprofit culture and values.

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