The Executive Coaches of Orange County (ECofOC) offers managers, who are salaried  full-time employees of a nonprofit with a business address in Orange County, an Executive Coach, free of charge, to help them develop their  nonprofit management and leadership skills. We act as trusted mentors and friends, helping leaders think through job-related issues, and analyze the effects of alternate actions.

Our clients tell us in confidential surveys that one primary benefit is the opportunity to share in confidence the nonprofit management  issues they wrestle with. These issues cannot always be comfortable discussed with their Board or their staff. Our coach provides a non-judgmental, independent view of an experienced executive who most likely has dealt with similar issues.

Our clients also tell us that regularly meeting with their coach keeps them focused on their business building strategies and their own development rather than letting operational needs consume all of their time.

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Nonprofit Management and Leadership Coaching Staff & Clients

The Executive Coaches of Orange County (EC of OC) have a staff of over 25 coaches. All of our coaches are experienced executives who volunteer their time to help you and your nonprofit grow. Click here to see a brief bio of each of our Nonprofit Management and Leadership Executive Coaches.

In addition to coaching, EC of OC also offers our clients a variety of additional services, that you can learn about by clicking here.

Our coaches also publish a blog on a wide variety on nonprofit management issues like leadership, managing employees, government regulations, fundraising, nonprofit boards, financial management, etc. Click here to visit our blog

Each year we coach over 100 clients, helping them resolve nonprofit management issues. Click here to see a listing of last years clients.

Many of our clients have been kind enough to write a testimonial about how their coach was able to help them and their nonprofits to grow. Click here to read some of those testimonials.

And lastly, one of our clients agreed to write a case study of her experience with her coach. Click here to read that case study.

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