The Resource Guide

This Orange County Resource Guide lists many of the locally accessible nonprofit support organizations, and some of the services they offer, to help Orange County’s nonprofit managers develop themselves and their nonprofit. This Guide is published by the Executive Coaches of Orange County (ECofOC). The Executive Coaches of Orange County offers nonprofit managers an Executive Coach, at no cost, to help them develop themselves and their nonprofit. They also offer Executive Director Forums comprised of 10 to 12 executive directors, facilitated by two ECofOC coaches, who lead the monthly meetings in a proven process to guide the group to practical solutions for issues brought to the table by each participant. OneOC offers moderately priced local training classes in nonprofit Board Development, Finance, HR, Operations Management, Fundraising, Leadership Development, Marketing, Program Development and Volunteer Management. Scholarships are available for nonprofits that need to minimize their organization’s training costs. They also have programs to help nonprofits recruit and utilize volunteers and Board members. is an online career development website that provides over 400 free trainings to a nonprofit’s staff and volunteers. Their collection of e-learning resources includes courses in Development, Leadership, Accounting and Finance, Operations, Marketing and Communications, Volunteer Engagement, and Program Management. Any of these courses can be accessed and any time, from any place, with bookmarks and reports to track your progress. The Orange County Score chapter offers free one hour consultations with one of their executive volunteers that you select because of their particular expertise and their availability at a time and place convenient for you. They also offer free and low-cost workshops on business planning, sales, marketing, finance, accounting, social media, and regulatory issues at a variety of Orange County locations. The Orange County Community Foundation distributed $59M of grants and scholarships in 2017. Nonprofits should make OC-CF’s staff aware of their nonprofit’s program and financials to give their nonprofit an opportunity to be funded by OC-CF’s donors. The foundation also sponsors a publically accessed online data base of OC’s nonprofits (, helping enrolled nonprofits grow their Orange County donor base. The Center provides extensive no-cost legal support to OC nonprofits so that nonprofits can better meet their legal obligations, protect themselves from unnecessary litigation, and focus on delivering critical services to OC residents. The Center’s 35 staff members and 1,500 volunteering Orange County lawyers, paralegals, law students and others also provide no-cost extensive legal support to low income residents,  The Orange County Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals offers a monthly webinar-discussion of fundraising practices (open to the public). In addition, their monthly luncheon with presentation for its 250 members is typically preceded by a training session on fundraising fundamentals. Members also have access to a resource center that helps their members find fundraising opportunities and use best practices. The Fieldstone Leadership Network provides leadership development opportunities for nonprofit leaders. Their Crossroads program offers cutting edge research on relevant nonprofit issues. The Learning Groups offers candid exchanges between participants and facilitators on case studies and tools. And their coaching program pairs an ED trained in coaching with another ED for a 12 month one-on-one peer coaching relationship. The Executive Service Corps of Southern California offers a 12-month Developing Development Program (DDP)  to help nonprofits build a successful fund development program. DPP includes 12 months of core training and one-on-one coaching, 6 half days of training for up to 6 people and 3 problem solving clinics. ESCSC also offers a 12-month leadership program for Executive Directors that includes a year of one-on-one coaching and 7 full days of training. The Social Enterprise Academy helps nonprofits develop and launch a social enterprise that generates profits to help fund their nonprofit operations. The program consists of a series of workshops, mentoring and a venture capital competition that enables nonprofits to develop the skill sets needed to attract growth capital and increase revenue earned, rather than donated income. Helps find the interim leaders that can keep a nonprofit moving in the right direction through any transition or major change. They can also conduct a best-practices executive search for nonprofits seeking executives for permanent positions. Their Board Chairs Academy prepares Board members to be leaders in their nonprofit and their Succession Workshop helps nonprofits prepare for change and navigate transitions smoothly.

The The Olin Group has a staff of about 20 professionals that do strategic evaluations that can demonstrate to funders that your program delivers what you say it does. Secondly, it can work with a nonprofit’s leaders to develop and implement a strategic fund raising plan. Third, the Olin Group can help you develop a strategic marketing, branding and communication plan to increase community understanding of your nonprofit’s efforts and impact.