The Nonprofit Management Help Desk gives you the option of discussing any nonprofit concern or issue that you are currently facing with an experienced nonprofit management consultant. Simply complete the attached request, and a consultant will call you at the phone number (714 and 949 exchanges only) you provide. There is no charge for this public service offering resourced by the Executive Coaches of Orange County.

You can request help as often as you like. Your Help Desk nonprofit management consultant may collaborate with one of our other coaches, or our contacts in other consulting organizations that we work with, and/or refer you to internet resources, in order to get you the information and advice that you are looking for.

If you are thinking about starting up a nonprofit in Orange County, and/or are working part-time at operating or developing your nonprofit, you also have unlimited access to this Help Desk nonprofit management consulting service to help you address any questions or concerns that you have about your process at every step of your journey.

Nonprofit Management Coach

If you are working full-time in a nonprofit management and leadership position in an Orange County nonprofit, you are also eligible for the coaching and mentoring services described in the Nonprofit Management and Leadership Coaching page.

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