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The Last I Looked, It Was Still There

Victoria Collins

Who could have imagined the changes we’re seeing?

Challenged right now to the depths of our being.

Is this the new normal? What can we expect?

As April begins, we can’t even predict.


The culprits of crisis are not just a few:

Action delayed sparked the virus to spread,

Lack of tests, masks, protective gear filled us with dread.

As efforts assessing these mishaps will grow,

Delivery of healthcare must change, we all know.


Stock markets in freefall and then sharply up

Investors weigh in– to buy or to sell

With fluctuations so wild, no one can tell.

Confidence in our ourselves is now what we need

And pundits and gurus we should learn less to heed.


Our leaders woke up to a major challenge at hand

A weakened economy reaches all of the land

To avert a disaster comes welcome relief

Two trillion + dollars

A number so large, but a surprise bigger still

Politics put aside and work getting done

Bi-partisanship efforts acting as one!


The stimulus package and what the Fed is now doing

Will it save the economy and build confidence again?

While it’s likely too early for the impact to show,

Are these steps being taken the best ones we know?


A new definition for “together” with family and friends

Virtual dates, social distancing, Zoom meetings too,

Online learning and services are starting new trends.

As we search for technology not easy to hack

Low tech like “snail mail” might make a “comeback”.


Americans are resilient, just look to the past,

We’ve overcome challenges and this won’t be the last.

So when pundits say the sky is falling

Let’s tell them that wealth is more than just money

It’s family, friends, health and the freedom we share.


The last time I looked, the sky was still there.          


Author: Victoria Collins, Executive Coaches of Orange County,