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Volunteering/Volunteer Recruitment Made Easy for Students and Nonprofits

Monica Horner
Monica Horner

Recently, our coaches learned about an exciting new student volunteer project and transcript service called VolunteerCrowd. CEO and Founder, Amy von Kaenel introduced her latest development designed to help middle school through college-age students find, schedule and track volunteer opportunities for FREE!

Students are able to uncover meaningful opportunities ranging from a few hours volunteering at a local shelter to a summer-long internship. The best part is students are able to match their interests and volunteer needs with a project in their community.

Volunteering is one of four critical factors when applying for admission to college. Recently, VolunteerCrowd looked at 79 Orange County public high schools and found there are approximately 54,000 students from schools who require volunteer hours in search of over 460,000 collective hours in a given year.  The need for volunteer projects is great. Each year, students find it more and more difficult to differentiate themselves when competing against students who have equally as high GPAs and perfect test scores. With the new app, VolunteerCrowd makes student volunteering easy and transparent.

Volunteering can make a unique contribution to college and career success that can’t be taught in the classroom.  Evidence supports that social-emotional education is falling short of preparing students for higher education and employment.  A 2018 Bloomberg Next Study reported that many graduates have deficient skills in emotional intelligence, complex reasoning and negotiation, and persuasion. VolunteerCrowd can deliver the relevant opportunities students need to learn and practice soft skills and positively impact college completion rates and workforce success.

On the flip side, nonprofits can take advantage of the ease and convenience of VolunteerCrowd’s recruitment process by sending projects to, and later this year posting volunteer opportunities on VolunteerCrowd. Students are carefully matched with projects they are passionate about. VolunteerCrowd will notify students when a match is made. Project details will be shared with students and reminders will be automatically sent. Once a project is completed, nonprofits can verify hours.  Later this year, organizations will be able to acknowledge a job well done by providing strength and skill endorsements related to student performance thus providing individual assessments that colleges like to see.

Below are some of the many ways VolunteerCrowd assists nonprofits with volunteer engagement throughout the year and helps students meet their community service goals:

  • Find volunteer organizations of personal interest. Request an alert when new projects become available.
  • Search for/post volunteer projects by location and zip code.
  • Receive reminders, request projects and get alerts when new organizations post projects
  • Allow students to qualify for the President’s Volunteer Service Award.  VolunteerCrowd became a certifying organization in July.
  • Engage volunteers in meaningful experiences they can become passionate about.
  • Invite friends to join the cause and volunteer together.
  • Review your community service experiences and develop leadership skills through projects.
  • Let your performance stand out by requesting recommendations from organizations you serve.

Later this fall, VolunteerCrowd will unveil their volunteer transcript and portfolio service allowing students to create an individual portfolio showcasing total hours by cause, top organizations served, milestones and even recommendations.

To learn more, go to or download the app at the App Store.

Author: Monica Horner, Executive Coaches of Orange County,