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5 tips to being unforgettable!

David Wild

David Wild


As with a consumer product brand campaign, the key to early adoption is clearly explaining your product value while insuring the message is memorable. You might say the mission of a non-profit is the same.

A NP organization must have a solid relationship with their audience of volunteers, donors, community leaders and the social press. This relationship building demands a strategic effort of MESSAGING—which will keep your mission top of mind.

Here are 5 tips to becoming “top of mind” with your audience:

1) Clarity – have a tag line. Choose your words wisely. Our lives are full of messaging clutter—so you must stand out in the crowd. Logos and tag lines can make you memorable. Nike logo and slogan “Just do it” are known around the world. Their messaging is clear and memorable.

2) Consistency – establish a steady relationship. Consistent messages are not forgotten. No matter what the Social Media method you use, establish a reliable pattern of communication. This can easily be planned on a calendar or spreadsheet—so that you manage the right message frequency.

3) Variety – keep it interesting. Variety is the spice of life. Your message may have the same essence, but often use a different flavor or chef. The menu of success is having a few delicious classics while offering seasonal specialties. Keep your core message steady—but romance it with impactful stories about your volunteers, donors or clients wherever possible.

4) Showmanship – explore all types of mediums. It’s always show time. Images and videos make lasting impact far greater than the written word alone. Website, Facebook and E-newsletters have user-friendly tools that allow your content to come alive. Explore all to best connect with your audience.

5) Authenticity – use simple talk. Tell it like it is. Real life if not a bowl of cherries—there are a few pits in the bowl. Inform your followers of your programs, plans and dreams and even setbacks. You are building a trust relationship with your supporters.

Incorporate these 5 simple tips in your non-profit MESSAGING to build your community of support and your mission will become UNFORGETTABLE.

Author:  David Wild, Executive Coaches of Orange County,