In order to apply to be a ECofOC coach, the applicant must

  1. Have extensive experience in leading, managing and coaching other managers and professionals in how to increase their organizational effectiveness.
  2. Must be willing to attend 3-6 meetings a month during normal work week hours in order to meet with the clients they are coaching and to attend our monthly meetings.
  3. Must be willing to commit to our coaching program for at least five years so that their clients can have the long-term mentoring relationships that we believe that we are most effective.
  4. Must agree to not personally derive any revenue from any of our clients or any prospects that our clients might refer to us.

Anyone meeting the requirements, who would like to become an ECofOC coach, should send an Email to, providing their name, phone number and Email address. We will follow-up with a telephone interview to determine if it is a good mutual fit. If so, we will ask the candidate to send us a one-page bio and come to our next monthly meeting, where they can introduce themselves to the group. If all goes well, we will invite the candidate to join ECofOC.

New members are paired with an experienced member who serves as a mentor in guiding them through their three months of nonprofit coaching orientation consisting of:

  1. An orientation on the nonprofit culture and the history of ECofOC and its current organization and practices
  2. Observe several coaching sessions being conducted by our coaches
  3. Attend at least two monthly coaches’ meetings and make one presentation.

When a new member completes this orientation and feels they are ready, they are assigned a nonprofit client. Our experienced members typically coach and mentor two to five clients (Click here for a listing of the clients we coached last year).

The Executive Coaches of Orange County meet on the second Monday of every month to continually develop our knowledge of the nonprofit community and its management. We have a guest speaker at most of these meetings. Half of the presentations are by outside experts on a nonprofit management issue and possible coaching approaches. Other presentations are by clients on their nonprofit’s mission, capacity building strategies and current issues.

We measure the quality of our work by our coaches’ ability to retain clients and their clients’ willingness to refer potential clients to us. Our clients have been with us for an average of 35 months and on average, 50% of the nonprofit managers who applied for a coach were by client referral.