Executive Coaches of Orange County Q&A

 Q: What year was ECofOC founded?

A: ECofOC was founded in 2003 as a spin-off of SCORE114 and the Executive Service Corp of SC.


Q: Does ECofOC charge for their coaching services?

A: No. We offer our services free of charge to Orange County’s nonprofit leaders. Our staff of over 35 experienced executives donate their time to help nonprofit managers develop themselves and their nonprofit.


Q: About how many clients does ECofOC coach each year?

A: Over 120 http://ecofoc.org/coaching/our-clients-2/


Q: Where can I learn more about leading a nonprofit organization or gain more insight on   specific issues?

  1. A:    1. Visit our blog http://ecofoc.org/blog/
  2. The Resource Guide provides a listing of regional learning opportunities to help Orange County’s nonprofit managers develop themselves and their nonprofithttp://ecofoc.org/the-resource-guide/
  3. The Executive Director Forum is comprised of 10 to 12 executive directors facilitated by two ECofOC coaches who are experienced nonprofit management consultants. These monthly meetings use a proven process to guide the group to practical solutions for issues brought to the table by each participant. http://ecofoc.org/ed-forums/
  4. The experts at ECofOC have published more than a dozen Advisory Letters on how to increase nonprofit’s capacity. This library is a great resource for nonprofit directors, managers and board  members who are looking for sustained growth in their organizations. http://ecofoc.org/library.
  5. ECofOC’s new Nonprofit Growth Program is a special comprehensive program designed for Orange   County Executive Directors who want to take their nonprofit to the next level. 

Q: What nonprofit management and leadership issues can coaches mentor clients on?

A: Board development, fundraising, program management, finance, IT, HR, leadership, strategic planning, personal development and career planning.


Q: Where can I find a list of local nonprofit management learning opportunities:

A:   1. ECofOC publishes a quarterly Resource Guide http://ecofoc.org/the-resource-guide/

  1. Visit OneOC’s Training Catalog https://www.oneoc.org/nonprofits/professional-          development/training-catalog/course-detail?id=pMG9QmOcwd41 
  2. Visit www.NonprofitReady.org that offers over 400 online trainings for nonprofits at no cost to you.


Q: How do I apply for executive coaching services?

A: If you are working full-time in a nonprofit management and leadership position in an Orange County nonprofit, you are eligible for our coaching and mentoring services. http://ecofoc.org/