The Link of Conversation to Good Fund Raising

Adrianne Geiger Dumond

Non-Profits face an extra challenge in these trying times as the fundraising season unfolds. Since large social events are restricted, many are struggling with creative zoom events to fill the void. In addition, the waive of the RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) from IRA funds in 2020 complicates the decisions of some donors.

Personal story: I donate to 4 large non-profits every tear from my RMD. This year, 2 sent me letters, 1 kindly called to tell me all the great things they were doing. The 4th (a man I barely know) called and started asking me questions. They were typical at first, and then he hooked me about some interest/activity I have and took an interest with me in the topic. I am sharing this because it was such a revelation to me as to how to get money from donors. I immediately decided I would take my RMD so I could continue to donate to this charity.

Moral of the story? Train and prepare all solicitors who contact your donors to master conversation and the art of asking questions!

The How To: Choose the Board members and staff who have the best social conversation skills to practice with each other. Call a training session just for this purpose – hopefully in person, at the office. Have them practice in 2’s with small talk until they grasp each other’s interests. It is not hard – just a lot of good questions.

These are very difficult times, and I hope these ideas will prove to be fruitful for you. Thanks for listening.

Author: Adrianne Geiger DuMond, Executive Coaches of Orange County,