Checklist for Board Members

Adrianne Geiger Dumond





Is your Board functioning, as you might like it to? Even if it is, the New Year presents a good opportunity to review the checklist below. The checklist comes from an excellent article[1] on orientation to Board membership and the expectations for that responsibility – both for the Board and new members. This blog only covers the expectations for Board members in the interest of space. But I highly recommend the entire article.

  • Know the organization’s mission, purposes, goals, services, POLICIES, STRENGTHS, and NEEDS
  • Follow trends in the organization’s field of interest and keep informed.
  • Faithfully read and understand the organization’s financial statements and otherwise help the Board fulfill its fiduciary responsibility.
  • Avoid prejudicial judgments on the basis of information received from individuals, urge staff members with grievances to follow established policies and procedures through their supervisors. All significant matters coming to you should be called to the attention of the Chief Executive and/or the Board’s elected leader as appropriate.
  • Prepare for and conscientiously participate in Board and committee meetings, including appropriate organizational activities when possible.
  • Act as ambassador for the organization when in public, speak only with one voice outside of the Boardroom. Volunteer outside of Board role when appropriate.
  • Suggest to the appropriate committee, possible nominees for Board membership, who would make significant contributions to the Board and organization.
  • Serve in leadership positions and undertake special assignments willingly.

It may be time for a refresher of duties and responsibilities even if the Board is working well together. Click here if you think it might be helpful to have a coach to help you work more effectively with your Board and/or make your Board more effective.

[1] Board Member Orientation Checklist, BoardSource, Resource and Solutions (R&S) Weekly,

December 21, 2016.

Author:  Adrianne Geiger DuMond, Executive Coaches of Orange County,