Coaches- Who are they? (Coaching Series: Part 2)

Michael Kogutek

Michael Kogutek




Coaching may be defined by the way it is practiced and delivered. William Ryan (2009)* prepared a report for the Hass Family Foundation here in California on coaching in the non-profit sector. Ryan developed three distinct categories of coaching. It includes: 1. Coaching as a profession. 2. Coaching as a practice 3. Coaching as a perspective. I would like to expand these three approaches.

  1. Coaching as a profession. These are people who are involved and advocate formal training for coaches. Also they offer coaching services as a livelihood. They embrace coaching as a profession. The most prominent organization that credentials coaches is the International Coaches Federation (ICF). It started in 1995 and has 60 chapters worldwide. It has 48,000 members with 20,000 credentialed. ICF estimates $2 billion of revenue is produced by professional coaching services.
  2. Coaching as a practice. These practitioners rely on their experiences as former Executive Director’s (ED), consultants to inform their work as coaches. They utilize coaching in addition to consulting and organizational development. This group also generates revenue for their livelihood.
  3. Coaching as a managerial and leadership perspective. This group are not coaches but rather managers who use coaching as a management and leadership capacity. BlessingWhite** indicated in a 2009 study that 52% of their survey respondents indicated they received coaching from their current manager. This group deserves special consideration as it is quickly becoming the goto managerial style for both corporate and non-profit organizations. It’s biggest advocate is the consulting firm Deloitte. It wants to be a thought of as a “coached” organization. They view coaching as a daily leadership practice.
  • William Ryan (2009) ‘Coaching Practices and Prospects: The Flexible Leadership Award in Context.”

**BlessingWhite (2009) “ The Coaching Conundrum”

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Author:  Michael Kogutec, Executive Coaches of Orange County,