So you want to go to Rio……

Dave Blankenhorn

Dave Blankenhorn


If any of you are contemplating a trip to Rio this summer to attend the Olympics you might consider the risk profile you are willing to take given the state of emergency there. You might also consider the risk of visiting our own Hawaii.

The problem in both areas relate to the mighty mosquito and the virus it carries causing the Zica virus and Dengue fever. These two diseases can cause serious problems sometimes leading to death. The Centers for Disease Control currently have no vaccine or medications to deal with them.

I bring this all up as you normally wouldn’t even contemplate this sort of risk when traveling to some exotic and fun place. Now you will need to focus on the “risk-reward” of such a journey.

It may be a good time to revisit your own non profit’s Risk management plan to see if you have identified the current risks and updated your plans to deal with them. A recent BofA Merrill Lynch CFO poll indicates that most companies have plans in place for data security (91%), disaster coverage/protection (84%), and other types of fraud (77%), operational risk (71%), and succession planning (68%). Hopefully you have addressed these issues as well as the others that could affect your ability to perform your mission.

We are always available to review your current plan or help you establish one if you need help in doing so.

In the meantime if you still want to go to Rio or Hawaii check with the CDC as part of you pre planning. Enjoy.

Author:  Dave Blankenhorn, Executive Coaches of Orange County,