Statements that can Doom a Career

Adrianne Geiger Dumond

Adrianne Geiger Dumond


Sometimes words are spoken that we wish we could take back. In moments of frustration, or disappointment words are uttered that leave an impression. The following statements can blunt success, especially at promotion time.


  1. That’s not in my job description.

But does it add to your skill base or knowledge. Maybe a better plan is to assume the extra responsibility, and then schedule a meeting with your boss to discuss your role in the organization and your responsibilities.

  1. It can’t be done.

Nobody likes naysayers, especially the boss. Here’s an opportunity to think about possible strategies and ways to get it done.

  1. It’s not my fault.

Especially damaging if it is your fault. Better to fess up to errors and mistakes, and earn the respect and trust of your peers. Everyone makes mistakes. It is how we handle them that gives us stature.

  1. I don’t need any help.

This doesn’t sound like a team player – even if you don’t need any help. Be gracious, accept the help. Maybe you will learn something about being a team.

  1. It’s not fair.

Things are not always fair. But the better strategy is to work harder and go the extra mile. Chances are that you will gain respect from your peers and boss for putting your shoulder to the wheel.

  1. This is the way it’s always been done.

This person is a ball and chain to any organization in today’s fast paced, digitized world. Be a problem solver, look for ways to get it done more efficiently, or you may be looking at a 90-day review for performance improvements.

Everyone yearns to be successful. Sometimes words project a different reality.

I am indebted to Mr. Ilya Pozin, Founder of Open Me and Ciplex; columnist for Inc., Forbes & Linkedin; and a ‘30 under 30’ entrepreneur for his wise and timely counsel.

Author:  Adrianne Geiger DuMond, Executive Coaches of Orange County,