From here to there… Here we go again.

Robin Noah

Robin Noah

By now most organizations have completed (or at least have a draft) their operational goals for 2015, including their annual budget. Recognizing that a budget is a driving force of an organization’s goals it deserves a lot of planning. Budgets function as roadmaps helping guide organizations as they follow in their long term strategic plans, serving as a framework against which an organization can measure financial success and directional movement towards achieving their organizational goals.

Goals are a key component in creating a budget. The budget should be aligned with the stated goals and strategic plans.

Consider these tips for setting strong and realistic fundraising goals:

1) A review of historical trends for each program. Looking at the overall previous year’s performance leads to achievable goals

2) Taking into account income before expenses so that the fundraising goals are within reach; ambitious, but realistic.

Goals historically are a movement from present to future. An organization must ask many tough questions during the development of its goals and the accompanying strategic planning. Critical components are:

  • Collect ideas and begin the process for formulating strategies.
  • Define the current state of the business and the desired end state
  • Planning how the organization can move effectively towards their goals using available resources.

Maintaining a focus on the end results sustains the continuity of the strategic plan from start to finish, helping decision makers discard or archive ideas and information, as well as business methodologies that do not contribute to the ultimate goals.

Lastly the organization’s strategic plan will expressly state the major actions that will lead to an implementation of the organization’s core business objectives. Management will have the guidelines to measure performance to ensure that action plans are meeting the core organization goals that support the organization’s mission.

Good luck as you work on your 2015 operational goals and budgets.

Author:  Robin Noah, Executive Coaches of Orange County,