Female Donors are the #1 Donor Demographic

Bob Cryer

Bob Cryer

According to the June 2014 Huffington Post, 64% of all charitable gifts are made by women. Boomers are the major donors of today, accounting for 34% of all donors, and importantly, 43% of all the money donated. According to an Indiana University study, Boomer and older women are more like to give and more likely to give more than their male counterparts. How do you develop this high potential donor niche?

The Chronicle of Philanthropy says that most mega gifts happen close to home. Furthermore, 89% of high net worth donors volunteer with nonprofits. Gail Perry, an international fundraising consultant, coach, speaker and blogger, vividly recalls the time a mega-wealthy donor said to her “We give our money where we give our time”.

Gail Perry’s Strategic Thoughts:

  • What are you going to do to get high potential donors involved as volunteers? How about a committee, or your board, or a focus group?
  • It’s one thing to take them onsite in the middle of you action. (That is terrific and a must-do!)
  • It’s a next step to get them involved in decision making or policy roles. That is when the bigger money may flow in.

Lastly, Community Foundations are a rapidly rising source of major gifts for nonprofits. Nationally, donor advised funds grew 18% from $38B in 2011 to $45B in 2012. Locally, the Orange County Community Foundation’s 600 high net worth donors enabled their assets to grow 37% from $144M in 2012 to $198M in 2013. Any nonprofit that does not have a well-developed relationship with OC-CF must not be very interested in major gifts, or is just crazy.

The ideas for this blog post were extracted from a Guidestar article by Gail Perry at http://www.guidestar.org/rxa/news/articles/2014/top-10-major-donor-fundraising-trends-for-2014-2015.aspx