Do You Spend Too Much Time In Meetings?

Dave Blankenhorn

Dave Blankenhorn

Most organizations spend lots of time in meetings. Many of these are important but if you had a way to shorten them by 33% with the same level of results, would you do it?

If the answer is yes the University of Missouri’s School of Applied Psychology may be on to something. They recently tested 555 students dividing them into 111 groups of 5. These groups were asked if they had crash landed on the moon to rank in importance 15 listed items that would most likely return them back to safety. Half the teams met in a room with tables and chairs while the other half met in a room which contained no furniture and were told to remain standing for the duration of the meeting. The hypothesis assumed that that the standing groups would be less comfortable, would rush through the process and therefore make more errors. In fact the standing groups worked faster yet achieved the same results as the sitting groups.

Standing apparently changes your body chemistry to think more clearly and to better cope with stress. Sitting which most of us do for at least 8 hours a day makes us more sluggish and obviously leads to more health issues.

After reading this consider changing the atmosphere in your workplace perhaps by adding adjustable height desks so people can stand while they work and by holding stand up meetings. It might help you be more productive and as an added benefit improve everyone’s health.

By the way on your next trip to the moon don’t forget to take two tanks of oxygen, 5 gallons of water and a map of the constellations to find your way home. However you can leave the box of matches at home as they won’t light up there.