Fund raising is about passion…

Robin Noah

Passion for a nonprofit organization’s mission influences many areas. It creates confidence, pride and loyalty, building emotional connections with clients and stakeholders.

An article in Giving USA states that individuals are the largest source of charitable donations for nonprofit organizations.   Total charitable giving in the U.S. reached more than $298.4 billion in 2011. Of that amount 73% came from individuals. Individuals respond to passion. While passion for the mission is the driver to a successful vision we still need to look to our boards for successful financing

Let’s start with a simple acceptance that all board members need to understand how fundamental money is to the success of the mission and what their responsibilities are towards the financing of the organization.

Would you agree that every single board member should fully understand and contribute to how money flows to the organization?  Including what and why funding is needed, right up to the journey from contributor to the organization.  You can say “We know all that…”  Does that mean that all board members are meeting their fiscal responsibilities towards their organizations?  That they all actively pursue the financing efforts of their organizations?

As I coach in the nonprofit arena I hear comments from board members who say that they are not good at fund raising so they do other things.  Nonprofits need to do a little turnaround from can’t do to can do. If some members feel that they are “not good” at fund raising could it be that they need some training and/or an opportunity to explore the “can’t”.

The real issue is to get every board member involved. There are countless ways that Board members can contribute to a financial engine without asking for money. Start thinking much bigger and connect each individual board member’s skills to your financial strategy by tapping into each board member’s strengths in order to make a sustainable financial engine a reality for the nonprofit.  .

I firmly believe what Benevon ( states re the future of nonprofits “At Benevon we believe that sustainable funding is within the reach of every nonprofit organization if they dedicate themselves to making it happen, systematically, over time.”

Author:  Robin Noah, Executive Coaches of Orange County,