Do You Have a Self-Development Plan for 2014?

Bob Cryer

Bob Cryer

The literature on developing managers typically suggests that on-the-job coaching supplemented by some training is a very effective approach to developing managers and executives. The Executive Coaches of Orange County (ECofOC) recommends that our clients have a training plan for each coming year. We believe in this so strongly, that we offer each of our clients a grant of up to $1000 to help their nonprofit fund their 2014 training plan. Nineteen clients requested and their nonprofit received over $15,000 in total to help fund these 2014 management education plans.

Our grantees plan to get training from the following institutions:

  • Academies for Social Enterprise
  • BBBS National
  • Cal State University- Long Beach
  • Cal State University- Fullerton Gianeschi Summer School for Nonprofits
  • Center for Nonprofit Management
  • Compass Point
  • Executive Service Corps: New Executive Directors Institute
  • Fred Prior Seminars
  • Institute of Cultural Affairs
  • Landmark Forum
  • Management and Strategy Institute
  • National or Regional Conferences for their Nonprofit
  • OneOC
  • Stanford Nonprofit Institute
  • UCI Extension

If you are interested in accelerating your growth as a nonprofit manager, you might check out some of these educational resources to see if any of their offerings should be part of your management development plan for 2014.

Author:  Bob Cryer, Executive Coaches of Orange County,