Checklists can be useful …


Robin Noah

One of my favorite books is Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment. In one section of the book he writes about check lists. Being a fan of check list his comments were of great interest to me. He writes that checklists are useful for 3 reasons: a) they help people e take action, b) they communicate that you know how to get things accomplished and c) they act as a motivator because you can see your progress and have a sense of accomplishment. Good checklists are precise, efficient and easy to use even in the most difficult situations

Once I define a goal I like to make a plan to achieve it; a check list is a key component. The check list has to work for me or it becomes a useless exercise.

Making checklists can seem tedious and boring, but the practice can save your business by improving efficiency and minimizing mistakes. Also, with checklists there’s a written paper trail showing accountability for each segment of any project. With a basic framework you can look back on, it will be easier to pinpoint any troubles before they make their way down the pike.

The volume and complexity of knowledge today has exceeded any single individual’s ability to manage it consistently without error despite material advances in technology, boatloads of more training and super-specialization of functions and responsibilities.

Consider that you can improve the effectiveness of teams and individuals performing complex tasks when properly conceived and used by simply using a checklist.

Check lists anyone?

Author:  Robin Noah, Executive Coaches of Orange County,