Leading tomorrow’s nonprofit boards…

Robin Noah

A recent search on the nonprofit leaders of tomorrow points out that there is a shortage of qualified leaders with the skills necessary to oversee growth, adapt to change, and plan for the future.

Where are the leaders of tomorrow, the ones that will become the leaders in nonprofit organizations? Does your organization have a plan, a strategy for developing the youth of today so that they can step in and continue your organization’s mission?

Hopefully your organization’s succession plans include a strategy for developing the future nonprofit leaders that will sustain your organization.

I submit to you that the 2 key factors that will ensure the success of your organization’s ability to continue your mission is to 1) develop a succession plan that stresses leadership development to meet the organizations growth goals and 2) an active youth leader’s development program.

Of course it will take time to develop the plan but it will be time well worth it. Your organization may well be the leaders in looking ahead to the future of your nonprofit organization.

You can start by visiting the Bridgespan Group’s Nonprofit Leadership Development: What’s Your Plan A for Growing Future Leaders. There are many books and articles on leadership development in the nonprofit field; I like Bridgespan’s approach.

Search by What’s Your Plan A for Growing Future Leaders so that you can access the article directly. You will find a guide that offers a “framework” for leadership development and succession planning.

Author:  Robin Noah, Executive Coaches of Orange County, www.ECofOC.org