Navigating the CFC

Dan Charobee

Dan Charobee

The largest fundraising campaign resulting in individual contributions is about to kick off. It is the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Last year the campaign resulted in over $250 million in payroll contributions, sought after by nearly 25,000 nonprofits. Nearly $5 million was generated in Orange and Riverside Counties. If your organization participates, this is the time to plan and here are the top ten ways to reach your CF donors:


    2. Give them your number. Post your CFC 5 digit number everywhere during the campaign – on your emails (at the bottom below your signature is an excellent place for your CFC # and your 25 word description.
    3. Give them you web address. Use links to your About Us or Contribution Area of your web site.
    4. Tell them what you do. Include your CFC#, your organization name, and what your do – the 25 word CFC version (or a brief re-write if necessary).
    5. Tell them how to find you. Include your web address, phone #, CFC #, and email address and pay attention to changes in responses.
    6. Put your number everywhere. Sept. 1st to Dec. 15th is a short window to link you to the CFC and your number. Use this time wisely. Repeat CFC participants usually continue to have the same number. You cannot say how to donate to your organization often enough.
    7. Do extra things to reach the press. This is a great time to send out your press releases to news, radio, TV, cable, and publications. Some get additional ad revenues from nonprofits and are looking for more human interest stories to fill time or space. Include your CFC # and info in the “About Us” section below the release.
    8. Create a community. Look for groups that meet at or include large federal agencies to do speaking or presentations about your services. Develop connections to the movers and shakers there.
    9. Extend yourself. Volunteer to give a presentation from your specialty area to organizations or at events.
    10. Follow through. If an agency or organization invites you to present or participate, remember to do your best to meet their needs and get your organization’s mission across.
    11. Thank them. These donors usually participate annually and can be a strong repeat funding source, growing each year as you get better recognized.

Author:  Dan Charobee, Executive Coaches of Orange County,