Send Out the Minions

Dan Charobee

Dan Charobee

I recently talked to a colleague that made a radical career change to an organization he would never have considered previously.

He said that while the new job was a lot of work, they were really well organized.  “Did you know that they are the largest in the country? Did you know that they really get to know each and every client? Do you know that they have a system that keeps track of every transaction and you can see how well you are doing?”

He became a minion for the organization and the cause, saying “wouldn’t you like to be associated with us?”  It made me want to learn more about them.  It said that their management thinks through their operations and has long term strategies to meet their mission and succeeding for everyone: the organization, their clients, and their supporters.

Each of us understands the inherent benefits of comprehensive policies and procedures. They not only give guidance on how people are to work, but they also give your organization character and culture.  In the case of my colleague, it adds esteem to his position.

With well defined policies and procedures, an organization can send out its minions to achieve great objectives and enhance your mission.  Remember, your minions are you and everyone your organization touches.  They are the worker bees, the managers, the volunteers, the funders, and your clients.  Each carries a message about what your organization does and how people can participate.

Are your minions aware of your organization? Does it have clearly defined processes that are understood and part of day-to-day activities?  Are they reviewed as situations change – the addition or change of persons handling the process; the addition or change in funding partners; or the changes in the environment that the organization provides services?

Minions change everyone’s perception about an organization.  If you want examples, just think about many businesses and organizations that a few years ago were thought of as “hauling garbage”, “flipping burgers”, and “computer nerd.”  Companies have taken these and others and made them into “waste management”, “grill chef”, and “technology expert.”

All of this is done by looking at your processes and developing well defined policies and procedures that relate to your objectives and finally to your mission.  Then you can send out your minions.