Finding the Right Board Member

Adrianne DuMond

I recently attended a presentation by a very successful Executive Director who was speaking about the selective qualities which they use to nominate board members. I have often mentioned in prior articles, the importance of NOT selecting board members just because they are friends, or prominent in the community. There are other factors to be considered. I would like to share with you her ‘Board Member Candidate Profile’. Note that there are attributes and expectations.


  • Mission-driven influencer
  • Dedicated, innovative, and strategic thinker
  • Advocates and a community connector
  • Financial and fundraising steward


Engagement and active participation as a member of the Board of Directors includes:

  • Attending four board meetings per year, plus the annual board retreat, and joining one standing committee  task force per year.
  • Attending key events, such as fundraising, each year.
  • Encouraging the involvement of friends, and enhancing the organization’s public image throughout the community.
  • Assuring best practices for governance, strategic planning, fund development and financial controls.
  • Making a meaningful personal gift to the organization on an annual basis.

I am indebted to Ms. Dawn Reese, Executive Director and Co-CEO of The Wooden Floor, Santa Ana, CA. for allowing me to publish parts of her presentation.