You really need to be aware…

Robin Noah

On several occasions I have mentioned HR issues and the importance of employers managing their risks by being compliant. The year of 2012 introduced many, many new and/or revised labor laws including updates of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( and sections of the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ( While all laws may not affect your organization because of the size of your staff I encourage you to review the laws so you can identify those that do affect your organization.

For example if you have 50 or more employees this change will affect you: Effective March 8, 2013 The Family and Medical Leave Act notice has been revised to reflect the changes caused by the recently approved rule for the definition of “Veteran” to include both those casino online who serve and those discharged in the past 5 years (previously it was only those who served). 

Along with being aware of the multitude of laws, employers also need to be familiar with the California Required Notices. Information can be found at Here you will find out which statutes and regulations require that posters or notices be posted in the workplace including the list of Workplace Poster Requirements for Small Businesses and Other Employers .This is a yearly excursion requiring annually updated postings.

Lastly, be sure to distribute the following required pamphlets to all new hires:

  • The Facts About Sexual Harassment: 
  • Paid Family Leave: 
  • Disability Insurance Provisions (SDI)
  • Workers” Compensation “Time of Hire” pamphlet

I welcome your questions regarding these issues.

Author: Robin Noah, Executive Coaches of Orange County,