Sharing is Caring: Using Social Media to Boost Donations

Besa Pinchotti

Besa Pinchotti

Do your members fundraise for your organization? If so, don’t you want to give them the best chance of success? Social media is the 2.0 version of word-of-mouth. Studies have shown that people raise 10 times more money for their organization when using social media as a tool.
People want to share things that make them feel happy, sad, inspired, hopeful or even angry. So tell your story in a compelling way and use all the tools available. Sometimes a simple picture or video can say it all. Statistics are also powerful—especially when used as proof of what donations have been able to help accomplish in the past.
Once you’ve got this down, here’s your new motto: Sharing is Caring.
  1. Share Opportunities. Have an upcoming fundraising event? Did something happen that’s bringing urgency to your cause? Make sure that information is available everywhere—your website, your Facebook page, your Twitter feed, your LinkedIn page.
  2. Let Members Share. Your quickest path to new donors is through your existing members. Make sure all of your emails include social sharing links. If they register for an event, give them the opportunity to post it on Facebook or Twitter right from the registration page.
  3. Get Influencers to Share. You know who these people are. They’re those people you follow on Twitter who have a gazillion followers and Tweet all the time. The people who blog about issues related to your cause. They may be a member of your cause, but they don’t have to be (yet). Get these people on board and their armies will follow (literally).
  4. Say Thank You. You already know this, but are you doing it enough? And are you doing it publicly? Spotlight a fundraiser of the week on your Facebook page (with their permission, of course). Send thank you tweets and direct messages. Post updates featuring the top fundraising teams and sponsors.
  5. Repeat. Fundraising through social media never ends. It’s not something you do once a month or even once a week. Sharing through social media should be part of your daily workflow.
Membership Management software can help you handle your social media efforts, website content and other member communications. Check with your Membership Management provider to see if yours does, or research other membership management software options to find one that’s the best fit for your organization.

Guest Author: Besa Pinchotti, Capterra Marketing Director,

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