Qualities of a Charismatic Leader

    Adrianne DuMond

    Non-profit leaders are often charismatic. Why? Because they have a passion for a cause and a compelling story to tell. But since quality leadership of people is so important in the non-profit world, let’s revisit what constitutes charisma. I recently heard a psychologist talk on the subject. 

Charismatic leaders do the following: 

  1. They listen more than they talk. 
  2. They ask questions to confirm their interest in what is being said. 
  3. They treat all people the same; that is, they listen to the busboy the same as listening to the boss, to convey they have something in common with the speaker. 
  4. They don’t act self-important.
  5.  They don’t switch the conversation to themselves; they put their ‘stuff’ aside. 
  6. They give before they receive. Forging a connection or relationship is built on giving – support, help, contacts. 
  7. They shine the spotlight on others. 
  8. They are tactful and choose their words carefully. Words chosen can affect the attitudes of others 
  9. They don’t discuss the shortcomings of others. 
  10. They readily discuss their own shortcomings; being humble, genuine, admitting mistakes, and being able to laugh at self are all qualities of the charismatic leader.

Author: Adranne DuMond, Executive Coaches of Orange County, www.ECofOC.org