National Nonprofit Board Statistics

Adrianne DuMond

How does your Board of Directors compare with some recent national statistics on governance by non-profit Boards? The statistics were compiled by bOHSE and Associates out of New Jersey, from recent findings by BoardSource and three other national organizations. I think some of the findings may be of interest as we ponder what comprises good practices of governance.

• Average size of U. S. non-profit boards is 16 members, compared to 11 for profit boards.

• Board size tends to increase with non-profit group’s income.

• Boards average 74% in member giving, and those with 100% board giving = 46%.

• Eighty six percent of non-profit board members were white, compared to 92.7 % of corporate boards; 14% were minorities (African American = 7%, Hispanic/Latino = 3%)

• The average number of board meetings per year is 6.9.

• The average board meeting takes 3 hours.

• Thirty-six percent of board members were age 30 – 49, 49% were 50 – 64.

• Under half (43%) of non profit board members were women. That contrasts sharply with corporate boards where only 6% are women.

• Boards requiring personal contributions from members – 68%.

• Boards requiring attendance at fund raising events – 60%.

• Members average 10 hours per month on board/committee business.

• Ninety two percent of boards have an external financial audit.

The organizations contributing to these statistics, besides BoardSource, were the National Center for Non-Profit Boards, the National Association of Corporate Directors, and the National Governance Survey of Chief Executives.

Author:  Adrianne DuMond, Executive Coaches of Orange County,