Questions for the Prospective Board Member

Adrianne DuMond

The meeting with the prospective Board member is not just coffee or lunch, but requires some pre-planning to ensure that objectives are met. It is a question of what that person can do (add) for the agency more than who he/she is. Think about what skills/qualities that person brings to the governance of the agency. Here are some questions to consider, after the formalities of greeting and welcoming the person. 

  • What interests you about our organization? What interests you the most?
  • What appeals to you about being a volunteer on a Board?
  • What are some of your experiences as a leader in a volunteer role?
  • What skills, expertise, and qualities do you bring to serving on a Board?
  • If you were to join our Board, are there any experiences you’d like to have as a Board member?
  • Do you have any concerns about joining our Board.
  • We hope you will consider being a part of our fundraising effort. Is this something you think you could do?
  • We have a Board meeting ( once a month) and like to have good attendance. Would you be able to devote time to serving on the Board regularly, as well as any committee assignments you may choose?

Board members may come and go, but selecting the interested and committed Board member takes work. It is sometimes difficult to sort out the people who volunteer for a Board, just because it looks good on their resume, but they really don’t have the time.. Asking good questions may forestall this problem.

Author:  Adrianne DuMond, Executive Coaches of Orange County