Board of Directors’ Assessment

Adrianne DuMond

Is your Board of Directors effective? Are they supportive, committed, involved, too involved? Just as performance reviews are recommended for the chief executive and staff, it is important for the Board to periodically evaluate its actions and effectiveness. Here is a self-evaluation that Board members can take. They should leave their names off of the evaluation. After answers have been tallied, a discussion should follow on the strengths and weaknesses discovered. 


Board Member Self Evaluation  (Yes, No or Not Sure)

1. Do I understand and support the mission of the organization? 

2. Am I knowledgeable about the organization’s programs and services?

3. Do I follow trends and developments related to the organization?

4. Do I participate in fundraising and/ or make a significant gift to the organization? 

5. Do I read and understand the organization’s financial statements? 

6. Do I have a good working relationship with the chief executive? 

7. Am I an effective problem solver?

8. Do I recommend individuals for service to the Board?

9. Do I prepare for and participate effectively in meetings (Board & committees)?

10. Do I act as a good will ambassador to the organization?

11. Do I find serving on the Board a satisfying and rewarding experience?

Hopefully the discussion that follows, led by the Board chairman or a facilitator, will be a candid and open form of communication that leads the Board to feel more like a team. If the answers are yes, the Board is responsibly discharging its duties. 


Author:  Adrianne DuMond,  Executive Coaches of Orange County,