7 Principles of Business Integrity

Robin Noah

I recently read an article on the 7 Principles of Business Integrity by business strategist Robert Moment . He comments on Alan K Simpson’s views that”If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters“.

If a survey were done and the question posed was “What attribute is the most influential in regard to the success of a business, would you know immediately which one is the most important? It seems that integrity is at the head of the list.

Where Does Integrity Start? As Mr. Moment writes “…. when business integrity is present throughout the deepest layers of a company and not just at its surface, it becomes the heart and soul of the company’s culture and can mean the difference between a company that succeeds and a company that falters

Whether it is a nonprofit organization or a not for profit business the basic premise would apply. Integrity has always existed as an overriding component among the business community, but in recent times it seems to be falling short. In these days of electronics and social media businesses are more susceptible to scrutiny and measurement in their competitive markets, especially in global markets where customers will simply not consider a company that shows any less than the highest level of integrity.

A highlight of the 7 principles of business integrity is: 1) Understanding the customers expectation of trust, 2) Ensuring the continuous improvement or goods and services, 3) honoring commitments and obligations, 4) making sure promotional materials are accurately representing the company, 5) being visible and involved in the community, 6) proactive fiscal responsibility and 7) conducting business with professional respect and courtesy

Truly successful businesses recognize the significance of integrity as a tool for achieving its desired outcomes. They recognize that while certain precise universal principles lead to business integrity, it is in the overall mindset of the company and the unfailing implementation of these key elements that an enterprise is truly defined.  

Note: Robert Moment is a business strategist and author of It Only Takes a Moment to Score found on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

Author:  Robin Noah,  Executive Coaches of Orange County,  www.ECofOC.org