What are Executive Directors talking about?

Larry Tucker

In March of 2011, the Executive Coaches of Orange County launched the Executive Director Forum program. We currently have two active forums meeting monthly. Martha Ryan, another executive coach, and I facilitate one of the forums. To some extent, the issues raised at these sessions are a barometer of what executive directors are concerned about. So I looked back at all the issues we covered in our forum during these past seven months to see if I found De har et standardisert spillutvalg, noe som betyr at du vil finne de samme generelle spillene her som hos alle andre beste online casino er verden over. any trends.  

The most interesting finding was the diversity of issues. There were about 30 issues covered during these seven meetings and the topics were all over the place: 

  • Starting an advisory board
  • Dealing with difficult board members
  • Breathing life into a development committee 
  • Reorganizing
  • Developing personal goals
  • Preparing for significant staff transition
  • The ethics of using various fund-raising organizations
  • Prioritizing an ED’s responsibilities
  • Starting a social enterprise
  • Establishing an advisory board
  • Finding a development coordinator  

There is one outstanding trend though. Of the 30 issues we addressed, 6 of them related directly to interactions with the board or individual members of the board. Half of those were about getting the board more involved in general or in very specific activities.  

The other less significant trend, at least as shown by this data, is dealing with work/life balance. Although this came up in three or four issues, it was referenced often throughout our discussions.  

Of course, this is data from only 12 executive directors in 12 organizations, so it shouldn’t be construed as a global study. But the results certainly emphasize the diversity of issues that EDs deal with day-to-day.

Author:  Larry Tucker,  Executive Coaches of Orange County,  www.ECofOC.org