Life is full of challenges!


Robin Noah

I recently had a discussion with a group of nonprofit business owners about the many challenges they are faced with. They all said that their biggest obstacle is how to approach the problem. Some admitted that they just overlook the problem hoping it goes away. So the problem repeats and repeats until a solution is reached. 

Life is full of challenges. Whether it is in operating the business or interacting with the Board the only way to defeat them is to confront them. Most of us choose to put things off to another time for a variety of reasons. That delaying tactic will virtually never pay off. Before you react emotionally you must assess the situation with calm and logic in order to determine the next step. Caution is advised. 

I believe that there is a solution for every problem. The down side could be that the solution may not be what you want or need. So how do you go about finding solutions? Consider following these strategies:  

  1. Follow the process for a cause-and-effect analysis. If you have employees get their input. Seek help from external resources, paid professionals  
  2. Do not react immediately. Take time to look at the facts and how they impact your operation and your mission before you present or implement your solution. Remove yourself from the emotional reactions and work on the logical. In some cases you will need to get the board’s blessing.  
  3. Do nothing. Yes that IS a solution – albeit a poor one. But it is one that many of us take. Often because the thought of making a wrong decision is the dominant thought.  

Ask yourself “What are the worse things that can happen?” As the saying goes, “Plan for the worst and hope for the best.” 

There are many ways to do things wrong, and just a few ways to do things right. Be a member of the group that meets challenges with a goal that embraces a successful solution and always compliments your mission.

Author:  Robin Noah,  Executive Coaches of Orange County,