Nonprofit Job Sites Reviewed and Rated

Adrianne DuMond

In these volatile times, organizations may spend time agonizing over cut backs and layoffs. It is not just the nonprofit world that experiences this. It happens in the corporate world also. But nonprofits seem more prone to cutbacks or even resignations as budgets tighten, resources are cut, or the demands of handling difficult clients becomes too much of a struggle. 

I often peruse the many nonprofit web sites and blogs to see what the current issues are for nonprofits. I recommend a web site, which I use often, for a recent article I read about nonprofit job sites. The web site is, and the author of the article is Tom Battin, who writes often about nonprofit issues for the web site.

 The article points out:

• Where are the best places to post jobs?, and

• Where are the best sites to look for nonprofit jobs? 

The article that Tom wrote for Blue Avocado reviews and rates 31 web sites for the specific criteria of best all-around site, best nonprofit site, best commercial site, and best international site. But there are also 27 additional sites which he has included which offer special features of employment. 

I spent some time checking to see if the sites Tom recommends come up easily on my computer, and they do. I believe it is important for leaders, who have the responsibility to give layoff notices, to also help employees by providing sources for new employment. Here is an excellent way to start.

 Author:  Adrianne DuMond,  Executive Coaches of Orange County,