How Effective are your Call to Action Messages?

Robin Noah

In response to a recent article one of the readers asked “…how can I get a better response to my call to action message?”  I found this interesting since I had not mentioned the value of the CTA and how to measure its use in the previous blog. It also brings up the success of any communication and its purpose for being delivered.

A call to action message:             

  • Should clearly state what the audience is getting for their efforts.
  • Should use  active words in the phrasing of the message in a distinct and literal way

To motivate people to act, to donate, to volunteer, etc., the message has to have relevance to the act you are looking to cause.  Best way to determine if your message has connected with your audience is to measure the responses.

 You need to determine the most efficient way to measure the results.  To start off measure the number of responses and how many of those responses acted as requested.  For example on a call to donate did 10 people respond and only 5 donate?  Was this a good number or not? What was your goal?

A quick way is to call all the responders and ask for their reactions to the message.  Before you do that, develop a list of questions to ask.  This way you will have consistency and continuity

There are a variety of tools to develop a measurement that will deliver the most significant report/metrics for your organization. Map it out – before you start the project make sure that you know what you’re going to measure and that you have a process for tracking and measuring.

.Also consider the frequency of the message.  Sometimes it takes a few passes to make a connection. The sheer number of communications channels now available to nonprofits for communicating with their audiences requires planning and strategies to reach goals.

In the final analysis the key for successful messages is to a) know and understand your   audiences, and b) know and understand what’s important to them.

Author: Robin Noah, Executive Coaches of Orange County,