ECofOC’s $2250 Management Award

John Benner-ECofOC, Sundaram Rama-Cambodian Family, Larry Tucker-ECofOC

Sundaram Rama, Executive Director, The Cambodian Family, Santa Ana has won the Executive Coaches of Orange County’s Management Award.

Rama has been with The Cambodian Family for over 15 years and is the first Cambodian refugee to assume the Executive Director position. The Cambodian Family provides opportunities for refugee and immigrant families to develop the knowledge, skills, and desires for creating health and well-being in their lives. The vision of The Cambodian Family is to serve families who will have good physical and mental health, satisfying jobs with good wages, kids who thrive in school, a sense of belonging to the larger community, and a comfortable community center of their own in which they take pride and feel strong support.

Rama has devoted himself to learning and growing into the extremely effective leader he is today. He searches for programs to increase his knowledge and his skills. With this ECofOC award there is a $2250 scholarship to be used for furthering his education either by attending school, seminars, or building up his management library.

His accomplishments to date include:  providing more structure for the agency which includes developing a Procedures Manual; working with staff and the board to develop a Strategic Plan; recruiting new board members and encouraging them to take a more active role in board development and fundraising; successfully overseeing the purchase of a 11,000 square foot facility funded by receiving a grant from the Santa Ana Federal Empowerment Zone; obtaining a 3 year Federal Grant for the expansion of Community Health Services; and, is now developing a fundraising plan to find new funding sources for unrestricted funds with the goal of those funds being 30% of the budget.  

Rama’s next goal is to be a spokesperson for The Cambodian Family and for the partner agencies that serve the Cambodian, Vietnamese, Latino and refugee clients in their Santa Ana service area. The award he receives from ECofOC is going to help achieve this goal.

Congratulations Sundaram Rama!

Author: Judy Combs, Executive Coaches of Orange County,