Nonprofit Economic Recovery May Have Begun

Bob Cryer

Bob Cryer

Author: Bob Cryer

Executive Coaches of Orange County

The Nonprofit Research Collaborative’s November 2010 Fundraising Survey reports that the 2009 decline in charitable giving seems to have been halted in 2010. Thirty-six percent of their 2519 surveyed nonprofits reported increased revenues in the first nine months of 2010 and only 37% reported declines. In 2009, only 23% were reporting gains with 51% reporting revenue declines.

 The report goes on to say: 

  • International organizations were most likely to have contribution increases, reflecting donations for disaster relief. The subsectors most likely to have an equal percentage of donation increases and decreases are Arts, Education, Environment/Animals and Human Services. 
  • The larger the nonprofit, the more likely the increase in charitable receipts.  
    • 46% of nonprofits with budgets over $20M reported a revenue increase
    • 35% with budgets between $100K and $1M reported a revenue increase
    • 25% with budgets under $100K reported a revenue increase
  • For nonprofits that saw a decline in contributions in the first 9 months of 2010, about half reported drops in foundation grant dollars and about half saw drops in corporate gifts. 
  • Fifty percent of nonprofits report receiving the majority of their contributions in the last quarter of the year. 
  • About 22% of nonprofits were using volunteers to fill positions that were formally paid positions in the first nine months of 2010.
  • About 47% of nonprofits were planning on budget increases in 2011, 33% were expecting to maintain their current level of expenditures and only 20% anticipated a cutback in 2011.  

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