High Impact Volunteer Management

Robin Noah

Author: Robin Noah

Executive Coaches of Orange County


Although including volunteers on the payroll is not the issue, having a high-impact volunteer “staff” can still be costly when you consider recruitment, training, and management. More importantly, it could be even more costly to NOT have practices in place to deal with your volunteers. If you do not have a system for processing, selecting, training and managing volunteers, here are some starting thoughts toward establishing one:

Define “Help Wanted”:  To achieve a level of operational success with volunteers you need to have a clear understanding of the work that has to be accomplished – in tasks and time and skills. Take time to define the area or position that needs to be filled, even creating a formal “job description” just like you would for a paid position.

Create a Volunteer Application & Interview: Collect the basic information to help you decide if and where you Le site Geant Casino est fait pour vous : Realiser de veritables economies en retrouvant toutes nos promotions, vos bons de reductions et autres astuces. can use a volunteer.

Have a document that spells out the organization’s policies and operations: Let the volunteer know the practices and policies of the organization, particularly as they will relate to the work he or she will be doing.

Provide Consistent Training: Every new volunteer should go through the same training process to ensure that expectations are communicated clearly from the outset and that the volunteer knows who they can go to with questions and concerns during their assignment.

Request & casino francais en ligne Give Feedback: Invite volunteers to provide input on their experience and give your volunteers feedback on their work performance. Paid or not, people like to know how they are doing and that they are heard.

Maintain Records: Create “personnel” folders for all volunteers with records of hours, types of assignments, “job descriptions” and any situations that may affect the relationship in the future.

Recognition & Praise: Lastly, set up a system to recognize the accomplishments of your volunteers. This is one fundamental way that management can show appreciation for their volunteers’ service and further strengthen their bond with your organization.

Designing a volunteer management system that works for your organization may take some time but it will surely pay dividends, not just for you but for your volunteers as well.

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