Leading by Cause in the Nonprofit Arena

Lessons throughout history inform us that cause precedes effect; actions create results. Plato explained the principle of causality saying every­thing that becomes or changes must do so owing to some cause; for nothing can come to be without a cause (Timaeus 28a). In Codex Atlanticus, Leonardo DaVinci wrote No effect is in Nature without cause; you understand […]

Board and ED/CEO Relationships are Critical to Success in Times of Crisis

We often recommend that the relationship between Board and working staff be kept ethically separate. But in times of crisis, especially when decisions are made quickly, the solid working relationship becomes all the more important. This is especially true of the relationship between the Executive Director (ED)/CEO and the board.  I want to point out […]

COVID-19 Adaptive Leadership Checklist

Challenges and responsibilities for non-profit leaders have increased exponentially with the pandemic. This article encompasses the many challenges and is published by One-Justice, a legal resource business. I have given the website as a footnote below.[1] I can’t list all of the challenges covered, but I want to provide a list of priorities that require […]